Where are you going?


Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life..."
--(John 14:6 NIV84)

Dear fellow Christians:

     Many years ago as an 18/19 year old, I attended school at a community college in my hometown. Each day as I drove to school, down the same road, I saw the same sign that someone put along the side of the road. I wondered what sort of eccentric person would want to grab the attention of everyone, including a college freshman who was not only on his way to school, but also trying to figure out where he fit into life, and where life's road might lead him. The question made me wonder every day about my journey, not to school, but beyond. That is why, I think, I remember it all these years.

The question out on that sign was "Quo Vadis?"

Even though I had never studied Latin, so I couldn't parse the words, I knew more or less what it meant. I am telling you this all these years later because I remember vividly the sign and how it struck me each and every day I drove by, and as I saw the sign, (and I remember this well) I would whisper to myself... "Quo vadis? I know where I am going, because I know the way."

"Quo vadis?" means "Where are you going?"

I hope and pray that when you ask yourself, "Where am I going?" that the answer is not "I have time for that later"; not "I'll figure that out when I get there"; not "Life is about the journey and not the destination." You see, for the Christian, for the follower of Jesus, it's the destination that keeps us going on our journey.

The Lenten season is a time for us to ask ourselves, "Quo vadis?" "Where are you going, O soul of mine?" During this forty day penitential period of Lent, we contemplate our great need and God's great love; our damning sins, and God's redeeming grace; God's law that sends us to hell, and his gospel which takes us to heaven. It's when we look into our hearts and ask, "Where am I going?" and then we look into God's Word and see Jesus, "The Way." And when in answer to the question "Quo vadis?" we answer with confidence, "I know where I am going because I know the way." You who trust in Christ know the way to heaven, because you know him who is "The Way." AMEN.

To God be the glory.