Reflections of Our Savior

October 2016


     But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven...For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:20,21)


Dear Members and friends of Our Savior:

     This verse came up in one of our Sunday readings recently. But do we really know what Jesus is talking about? Perhaps we have more questions about what our treasure is, than what to do with it.

     What is your treasure? What is the most valuable thing you possess? “Family?” “Health?” “House and things?” Sure, all of these “treasures” are gifts from God. We’ve been reminded of that so many times. But, do we possess anything even more valuable than family, possessions, health, etc.? How about our soul?

     Our soul is the most valuable thing we have. It is the one thing that gives meaning to everything else in life. Our soul is a treasure because it is our connection to eternity. Yes, our souls are immortal. Our soul will live forever.

But our soul was taken captive to sin, death and hell when sin came into God’s perfect creation. So God gave up His Treasure-that which was most valuable to Him-His only begotten Son, Jesus. Jesus shed His own precious blood on the cross to buy us back from captivity to sin and hell and to bring us into the Kingdom of God. Your treasure is your redeemed soul, purchased and won for an eternity in heaven with your Savior-by your Savior.

     Your other treasure, so closely linked to the spiritual health of your soul, is God’s Word. God’s Word is the message of salvation of our souls through faith in Jesus’ life and death and resurrection. What is this treasure worth? It is worth more than our own life on this earth. When we made our confirmation vows and pledged to be Lutheran Christians faithful to the truth of God’s entire Word, the Holy Bible, our pledge was with our own life. We who are communicant members of this congregation once pledged to be faithful to our Savior and suffer death rather than fall away from Him.

     Yes, there is yet another treasure so closely linked to your soul and to God’s Word. That treasure is your Church. It is here that God’s Word is preached and taught as our Lord Jesus Christ intended it to be preached and taught. Your Church is your connection to God’s saving Word and to your soul’s salvation and eternal life. This treasure, your Church, exists to strengthen you for life’s spiritual battles, and to teach God’s Word to all, so everyone can know the treasure of forgiveness of sins and eternal life-so they too can know the treasure of their own soul, and of God’s Word and of His Church.

     What are these “treasures” worth to you? Priceless! Let us pray that by God’s grace we all pledge our hearts to this treasure. It is common for churches to talk about “renewal, revival, and reformation.” Perhaps for us “renewal, revival, and reformation” may be simply be a reminder to return to what we have been taught-that Christ has died, Christ has risen, and Christ will come again. May our hearts be pledged to this treasure. AMEN.

Pastor Johnson