Reflections of Our Savior

January 2017



“Why were you searching for me?” Jesus asked. “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?” (Luke 2:49)


Dear family and friends of Our Savior:


To what will you be dedicated in the next year? To things that concern you? Or things that concern the Lord? I guess that is a question that all of us can consider in our own hearts, as we usher in a new year. Jesus certainly tells us, by word and deed, what he was dedicated to, and what he was concerned about.

When Jesus was twelve years old, he and his family made their annual trip to Jerusalem. While the family made their way back to Nazareth, Mary and Joseph noticed that Jesus wasn’t with them. They thought he must have been with the relatives. (People traveled in large groups in those days.) But after looking around, they were unable to locate their little boy. So they turned around and headed back to Jerusalem. It took them three days to find Jesus. It’s a sure bet that they talked to many people, asked a lot of questions, didn’t sleep much, and of course, cried some tears over the apparent “loss” of their son. They finally found Jesus in the temple courts with the teachers discussing the Scriptures. Imagine their surprise when Jesus responded the way he did, as recorded in the verse above. They didn’t understand at that point what Jesus was talking about.

This account points out a couple of things. First of all, Joseph may have had his mind set on carpentry, Mary may have had her mind set on being a mom, but Jesus had his mind on other things. He was no ordinary boy and Mary still didn’t quite grasp that, in spite of always pondering and treasuring in her heart the circumstances of Jesus being conceived by the Holy Spirit, and the miracle of his birth.

Secondly, Mary and Joseph’s little boy had a bigger mission on his mind. He is above all a servant of his Heavenly Father. You would think that everything that had happened to Mary and Joseph and the miraculous circumstances of Jesus birth would have taught them that Jesus was sent by God to be the Savior of the world. Twelve years after his birth, though, Jesus gave his mom and earthly dad another lesson that would prepare them for things that would happen much later, that is, his ministry, his suffering and death on the cross, and his resurrection from the dead.

Does it happen to us, too, so soon after Christmas, that we don’t quite grasp the miraculous circumstances surrounding Jesus’ coming into this world? The virgin birth? The angels appearing to the shepherds? Etc.

Are we able to put the birth of the Savior in Bethlehem together with what we hear about on Good Friday and on Easter morning? Does all of this add up? Jesus truly came into this world to do his Father’s business. His Father’s business was to save his fallen creation. What an amazing thing that the boy Jesus had his mind set on his Father’s business. May we all have our minds set on the mission that the boy Jesus had on his mind---to be our Savior from sin and death. And may we all have our mind set on our Heavenly Father’s business---that of hearing the Word of our Lord and living that Word each day of our lives.

Pastor Johnson