Reflections of Our Savior

December 2016



May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

(Romans 15:13)


Dear members and friends of Our Savior:


“Season’s Greetings!”


How’s that for a Christmas card slogan. I bet you’ve seen that one when you are scanning the Christmas card aisle at the store (that is, if you are still among the crowd who sends out Christmas cards).


I have often thought, whenever I see that Christmas card slogan, that it is the most empty and emotionless of all “greetings.” It’s not even a greeting at all. “Season’s Greetings” is the quintessential, stereotypical holiday slogan for someone who doesn’t know what to say or how to say it. “Season’s Greetings” says nothing about the purpose of Christmas and the cause of celebration. It says nothing about the birth of the Savior of the world. It says nothing about what Jesus’ birth means for you or for me, or for anyone else.

“Season’s Greetings!???” Ok, then what?


But let’s be fair. If you were to make your own cards, or write your own greeting on the card, would you know what to say? Could you be as “clever” as card message writers, so clever that you could get a high paid, cushy job at Hallmark? I doubt it. I know too what it is like to run out of things to say, even for a holiday that we celebrate like clockwork year-in and year-out. You would think that by now we would have the whole thing down-pat and always know the perfect greeting to say, or to write on a card.


But I have another idea for you. How about the Bible verse above (from the 2nd Sunday in Advent). That verse would make a perfect card greeting. That Bible verse speaks about hope, joy, and peace, and the power of the Holy Spirit. These gifts from God are what we really want people to receive and to have this holiday season. So why not just say it?


Actually, there are many Bible verses that you will hear this Advent season that are part of the regularly scheduled lessons on Sunday morning. Listen up, and take note...perhaps you could be the best Christmas card writer this Christmas, and never run out of things to say, or to write. Let God’s word give you the inspiration, and yes, even the actual words, as you extend “Season’s Greetings” but in a way that is encouraging and uplifting, and provides a real witness of what this Christmas celebration means for you!


Pastor Johnson